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Oil Painting in Interior Design

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Paintings are good accents in the interior. They create a mood, a sense of harmony and perfection. Each painting technique is good in its own way. In this article we will focus on oil paintings. In oil painting special inks are used. They contain drying oil and dry pigment. Often it is a poppy, flax or walnut oil.

Oil painting for English style interior

Oil painting for English style interior

Oil paint advantage is durability, especially when compared with watercolor or pastel. If a picture is varnished, it will remain unchanged within a few years.

Paintings in the interior have several functions: they decorate the room, create a special atmosphere and unique design, give comfort, fill the room with energy, make the room stylish. Painting is not just a work of art, but also is a very effective and necessary element of design.

Depending on the tasks, an interior painting can be a unifying center and an accent. With the help of paintings you can adjust the perception of furniture, visually change the interior, implement zoning of premises.

The main stylistic motif can become a monumental painting. It provides the ability to manipulate with the space. Such painting can visually increase or, conversely, reduce the space.

Works of monumental painting are placed according to the design or architectural project. Basic functions of the fundamental painting are to unite and complete an interior design, organize the space and create spiritually and ideologically saturated environment for a person.

Scenic paintings blend in with the interior design, form emotional background space, give individuality to emphasize and reinforce the selected style.

Each of the styles has its special decorative elements: painting (oil or watercolor), bas-reliefs, stained glass, porcelain, floor vases. In order to correctly build the interior, you need to immerse yourself in the chosen style, think about it, taking into account the smallest details.

Thus, Japanese-style interior can include paintings on silk, landscapes in the Sancy style, pictures on the screens, sumi-e.

Sancy style painting

Sancy style painting 

Baroque and Rococo are characterized by paintings, decorated with rich baguette. Hunting theme will perfectly fit English style. Impressionist paintings will suit the interior in the eclectic style.

Paintings in baroque, realism and romanticism style will look perfect in classical interior. Wide baguette brings atmosphere of luxury to the interior.

Minimalism and hi-tech style in the interior goes together with paintings in the style of futurism and abstractionism.

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