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Large Artwork For Statement Decor

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Wall-sized wall art has a certain charm to it as does an arrangment of smaller pictures filled with memories. Large artwork is a medium solution to wall art. It doesn’t take up the whole wall but it definitely makes a statement.

Abstract artwork

Large artwork is great for big rooms with lots of wall space but it can also be used in small areas where there isn’t much of decor and furnishings like hallways and spaces under/near staircases.

The charm of a large artwork is that it’s big enough to stop you cold and absorb your attention but it isn’t big enough to make you go from one end of the wall to another to explore the details or small enough that you have to come up close to see what’s depicted there. Also the wall-sized art often repeats in patterns whereas a large artwork often shows you one unique thing.

Interiors with Large Scale Artwork

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