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Tea Room Decoration in England

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Pretty cool climate of this country dictates the need for a fireplace, a cozy oversized chair, a blanket and tea table in the house. It is so pleasant to drink hot tea in the cold evenings. In addition, the English interior is unthinkable without a lot of things, such as large sofas, dining tables for the whole family, a lot of small figurines and pots of flowers, etc. In short, the English interior is the home for the person who lives in it, and this space is thoroughly planned.

Tea Ceremony Decoration in England

Tea room

Tea room 

English tea ceremony is necessarily accompanied by a variety of appetizers, such as desserts, mini cakes, fruits, which are served in the elegant vases and coasters for confectionery products. Sometimes alcoholic drinks are served to the table. But this is an exception to the rule, but there are always several varieties of tea.

Even if the table is set for only a few people, it is decorated very elegantly with many small details of decor and table: spoons, knives, forks for cake and fruit, napkins, tablecloths and flowers in vases. In addition, in England they drink tea from beautiful cups. They use tea services (one must have a teapot, cups with saucers, dessert saucers, and other attributes. like plates for lemons, spoons, etc.) A dish for milk is a compulsory element on the table, as milk tea is an English tradition.

In Englishmen have their own secrets of brewing good tea, however, this procedure is not as long and complex as in the eastern countries. In addition, the UK residents gather around the table to talk with each other, discuss the latest news. It is one of the main differences between the English and the Japanese or Chinese tea ceremony. But there is one similarity between these countries. It is the slow pace of the tea ceremony.

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