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New Interior Trends. Metal.

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Interiorholic society is buzzying about a new trend in design. Sometimes following interior fashion might be very tiresome but shiny attractive metallic decor elements attract with their glitz and glamour. And hardly will you ever forget these fascinating interiors once seeing them.

Copper Hues

Modest and metallic. Born in the years of steampunk, copper comes back in decorating in your fireplaces and table tops bringing back retro motives and a warm whiff of old times.

Metal as New Interior Trend

Copper Fireplace

Copper Fireplace

Shine of Gold

Somewhere in 1980’s gold was extremely popular as a trend that has been gradually forgotten. 2013 brings back the golden paints for living rooms and cabinets. And your fashionable interior is looking absolutely gold-hot. Glamour shine of gold-painted wallpaper, furniture and chandeliers become the center of attention.

Corrugated Metal

A tribute to ecology and impact onto creative interior. In recent years designers have been actively using corrugated metal to decorate walls and ceilings in kitchens and bathrooms, even some sides of cabinetry. It is time now to use the recycled metal in your house to make the scene looking completely different and brutal.

Corrugated Metal for Ceilings

Corrugated Metal for Ceilings

Shades of Silver

Details from nickel, chrome, aluminum, and stainless steel have always been used in interior due to practicality. And it’s obvious that they should now take an awarded place among other trendy materials. From brushed dullness to polished sparkles your plumbing fixtures and kitchen sides can look really fashionable in silvery shades.

Mirrored Furniture

Another reminiscence of the sparkling and shining parties of Hollywood of the past are mirrored surfaces that instantly bring glam to your house. Though the style has long been forgotten it’s really charming.

Metal Ornaments

Heavy and hard metal starts looking so elegant and delicate once molded into ornaments. They are ones of the most beautiful and everlasting decorations for almost any part of your house – staircase, doors, chair backs. You may be surprised how easily these decorations will fit into your interior.

Metal Ornament

Metal Ornament

The old trends in interior are coming back to be appreciated again. And surely they are going to take a decent place among other decoration styles. Because now metal sounds reliable and fashionable.

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