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How to Create English Pub Atmosphere At Home

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Pub is a perfect place to meet with friends, sip a beer and get to know about your pals’ life or discuss work with colleagues in an informal atmosphere. But sometimes you simply have no time or opportunity to go there as often as you’d want.

In this case you can create a pub in home. Also a good thing about pubs is that a small lazy talk with strangers can lead to a debate and discussion. The pub mood helps people who don’t know each other get together, relax and get to know each other. Here is how to recreate the friendly mood of a pub at home.

Creating English Pub at Home

Pub in home interior

Pub in China

First of all, think coverings for the walls. They will bring warmth to the interior. The perfect choice here is natural wood panels or expensive heavy wallpaper preferably made from fabric. If you can’t afford it, just paint your walls with beige or dark-brick color.

The character of the English pub can be accentuating a fireplace. It could be wood-burning or electrical. Put a couple of armchairs near it with a coffee table between them and be ready to plunge into the soulful friendly conversation.

Lights should be soft. Darker is better. Built in furniture light or light on eye level like floor or table lamps will bring intimacy into the atmosphere. If you want to have a light source on the ceiling, don’t forget to cover it with a plafond.

And the necessary part of the pub is a bar table. It should also preferably be made of wood. In the living room it will show off your passion if you are collecting elite alcohol. A bar table could be a part of the kitchen set or you could place it instead of a windowsill. Imagine how wonderful it’d be to sit there, sip beer, wine or tea and watch the sunsets.

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