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Spectacular Finishing Material for All Surfaces

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Designers from the Israeli Decotal company have created a unique and unparalleled material – ultra-thin tiles. However, this is not exactly a tile, but rather a cross between the tiles and wallpaper. Its components are metal and stone, which can be combined depending on the particular design.

Between Tiles and Wallpaper: Finish for All Surfaces

Decotal finishing material

Decotal finishing material

Innovative coating combines decorative and performing features of both materials. Therefore, this tile can be used in any room and on any surface – walls, floors, columns, and even on the ceiling. A spectacular scale drawing can compete with luxurious wallpaper or other spectacular materials.

Due to the intricacies and weightlessness, Decotal can be pasted over the old tiles, and it is easy to remove. This invention is indispensable in cases when you need to update the surface without disassembly and subsequent laborious tiling. Decotal tile is easy to care. It is enough to wipe it with soap and water time to time.

Of course, Decotal tiles can completely cover a wall or floor. But the designers believe that the most spectacular view is obtained if you use it for decorative accents – the focal point of the interior. And the pattern depends on your imagination.

Decotal is the result of careful research and many years of hard work. Each tile is handcrafted of polymer concrete and decorated with patterns made of brushed metal, which gives it a unique contrasting look. Contrary to expectations, the tile turns thin and weightless. Any version of the design can be made in different colors and sizes of tiles. Laying Decotal is much easier than traditional tile (though a bit more complicated than applying wallpaper).

You can create graphical panels of any complexity on the basis of thin metal, decorating the tile. Unlike the standard decorative tiles, Decotal does not have a clear pattern scheme, which should happen after assembly. You can connect tiles in any sequence. And each time you will receive a unique composition.

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