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Dining Room With Moroccan Accents

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Moroccan style is very attractive and works in any room. You can create an entire room solely in Moroccan style or add a few elements and accents that will give it lush Moroccan feel. If you are opting for eclectic dining room with Moroccan accents there are some key elements in this style you can choose from.

Moroccan Accents In Dining Room Decor

Dining Room With Moroccan Accents

Moroccan Pendant Lights

Moroccan pendant lights come in a variety of shapes and forms but they usually resemble lanterns and can be arranged in groups or hung separately. Hanging at different heights the lamps add ramatic feel to the room.

Low Rise Furniture

Low-rise furniture makes for a great traditional Moroccan decor. Plushy cushions on a luxurious carpet or rug instead of dining chairs will suit a low-rise Moroccan table with ornate design and will make for a cozy and intimate dining area.

Ceiling Appeal

If you want an opulent look but keep things simple go with the ceiling decor. Tile or painted pattern will add Moroccan flair to the room but will allow to keep the rest of the room neutral with only splashes of bright red, burnt orange or cobalt blue.


A patterned plushy rug will definitely add Moroccan flair to your dining room. Choose the furniture and window treatment to complement the colors in the rug. Bright upholstery will also do the trick.


Another architectural detail that will add Moroccan accent to your dining room is an arch. It is a key element of the style so you can introduce it in a dining room doorway or even a window.

As you see there are many ways of adding Moroccan style into the dining room decor from lighting to architectural details.

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