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Kilim Rugs in Interior Design

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East made ​​the most significant contribution to the spread of carpets worldwide. Today we will tell about kilims – traditional oriental carpets, which are interesting due to a number of properties. What is kilim? It is a woven handmade carpet, which is popular among the nomads. Kilims have long been used by them for coverings of floors, tents, household utensils, and to decorate the house.

Oriental Decor: Kilim Rugs in Interior Design

Kilim rugs

Kilim rugs

Such widespread use is not indicative of their low quality. On the contrary, it shows the excellent work of masters for centuries. Creating a carpet in the East is considered not so much as a craft, but as art. That is why every handmade carpet looks unique.

Kilim’s main value, in addition to aesthetics is absence of lint, it is easy to clean, making it a part of everyday life and practical interior. Kilims have long decorated by the ancient ethnic ornaments.

Thus, the traditional Iranian carpets have a stylized image of a scarab beetle, diamonds and various geometric shapes made ​​in pink, red, green, blue tones or ivory.

Turkish kilims, originally used for prayer, are made ​​of coarse fiber. Their center has always been solid, and the pattern was located on the sides. Traditional colors for these carpets are red, blue, yellow and brown.

Berber kilims usually have striped pattern and represent the most concise version of the ornament.

Bulgarian and Greek kilims have the greatest variety of patterns. Here there are traditional patterns – floral and precious stones, and more rare – vine, stylized figures of animals and even humans.

Nowadays manufacturing technology of kilims has undergone minor changes. Geometric patterns became the most popular and the traditional colors were enriched by purple and turquoise.

Where to place the kilim? The only right answer is where it is sufficiently evident (free part of the floor, which is not covered with furniture). If there is a lot of furniture, perhaps you should choose the larger size of the carpet.

Kilim rug

Kilim rug

Textures that best coexist with kilims have a “male” character. This applies to furniture and supplementing details: natural wood laconic forms, traditional leather (especially with the “bloom of time”), wicker furniture and accessories (including mats and baskets), ceramics, forged metal (including  Moroccan lamps).

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