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How to Decorate Bay Window

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Multifaceted or rounded bay window is the perfect complement to the facade of the house and, of course, spectacular interior design, which gives comfort to any room and serves as a real decoration. There is a lot of ways to design and use bay windows. Let’s look at some of them.

Interior Design of Room with Bay Window

Bay window decor in the living room

Bay window decor in the living room

Bay window in the living room

Living room should be cozy, comfortable and beautiful. Therefore a bay here will be extremely relevant “highlight”. It can be decorated in this room in different ways: as a place for having rest, for tea or reception. In the first case, a large bay area can be equipped with comfortable sofas; in the second case, you can use a small table with compact and beautiful chairs; and in third case, a coffee table and a couple of upholstered chairs would be excellent solution. However, these solutions require minimal decoration of the bay windows. It will let in more natural light, and the landscape outside the window will not be hidden from view.

Bay window in the bedroom

A bench-sill in the bay windows area in the bedroom can become a dream of any romantic. This cozy corner is so comfortable for listening to music and reading a book, and maybe even working at a laptop will become a pleasure in such place. In order to make the bench soft, you can decorate it with a mattress or a fluffy blanket. It is very convenient, if the top of the bench is folding. In this case you can store there personal belongings, pillows or linens.

Bay window in the kitchen

If the layout of the house or apartment includes a bay window in the kitchen, then the ideal solution would be to organize a dining area in it. Regardless of the shape of the bay, it is best to equip it with a round or oval table. This will provide comfort to all members of the family during the meal. As for the seats, it may be just the chairs or a bench along the large bay area with chairs.

Another option of a bay window arrangement in the kitchen is to make an indoor garden. Such beauty, riot of green paints in soft sunlight will cheer up the residents of an apartment or house every day!

Home office in the bay window

A bay can become a joy for a workaholic, who works not only in the office, but also at home. Equipping it with a convenient desk-sill and small shelves, you can make a comfortable home office , where it is enough light during the day. In the warmer months you can also open the windows to think “with a fresh mind”.

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