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3 Dining Room Features That Will Help You Keep Guests Entertained

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It’s tempting to just hang a TV set on a wall but a dining room could use a little bit more than that especially for when the guests arrive. When it comes to dining room or area there are a few things you could add to make it more than just a table set.

3 Dining Room Entertaintment Features

These three features may not be the cheapest but they definitely bring so much to the dining place.

Art Gallery

Modern bar and dining room with art gallery

Art is always a conversation starter and after seeing an art gallery in Alicia Keys’ mansion dining room we thought it a great way to have interesting dialogues with your art enthusiast friends. Besides you don’t have to be an art nerd to appreciate the content of art, which can take you far beyond art style conversations.

If you want to continue feeding the soul a music system or an iPod dock with speakers may prove useful.

Pool Table

Fusion Table

Fusion Table

A dinner table that transforms into a pool table? Yes, there is such a thing, there is even ones that turn into poker, black jack, and craps tables. There are quiet a few on them on the market. This space-saving solution is great for people who’d like to have both a dining room and a pool table and even those who don’t have a separate dining room.


Bar counter

This one’s pretty common but it doesn’t have to be an alcohol bar if you’re not into alcohol. You can set up a soft-serve bar or a popcorn bar or a froyo bar. Anything that will delight adults and kids alike. A bar stand is perfect for serving not just alcohol but also appetiziers, starters, snacks, coffee, and desserts.

As you can see there are plenty of TV alternatives for the dining room/area. With these cool solutions you won’t have to sit in awkward silence or stare into the screen anymore.

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