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Storage Trunk In Home Decor

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Storage trunks can be space savers when it comes to removing clutter that needs to be stored rather than gotten rid of. Storing clothes, books, and other smaller things can be quite convenient with storage trunks. There are many storage trunk designs that can fit into almost any decor.

Decorating With Storage Trunk:

Storage Trunk In Home Decor


To choose the right trunk that will fit into the home decor pay attention to the style. There are various trunks available in modern, vintage, and retro styles. Classic wooden trunks will look good in the traditional decor. The storage trunk can be placed near the bed or inside the wardrobe. It can also function as a side table or simply add a decorative touch to the room emphasizing its style.


The old boxes and suitcases can be repurposed as trunks that can give the decor a vintage touch. With a little decorating these can be used for storage and home decor. The old trunk can also be given a makeover with help of some paint or decoupage.

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