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How to Choose Christmas Color Scheme

Design rules apply to Christmas decor as they do to the interior design. The color scheme of Christmas decorations should harmoniously fit the home decor color scheme. Thus the look will be complete and harmonious.

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The key to successful Christmas decor lies in the proper color scheme. In order to choose a proper color scheme for Christmas decorations think about what colors you already have. Choose Christmas decorations in colors that match or nicely contrast interior design. To create harmonious look opt for one or several colors to create a consistent look.

How to Choose Christmas Color Scheme

Whites and Pastels

White or pastel walls and neutral or black furniture can handle many different colors. If the room is decorated in neutrals and pastels Christmas decorations can be a great way of adding a splash of color and enjoy brights even if it’s temporarily. Choose reds, purples, aqua, royal blue and pinks.

How to Choose Christmas Color Scheme


If your home decor has many colors and patterns white and metallics will stand out and won’t conflict with the patterns. If the decor is minimalist but bright you can add different brights mixed with silver or white if you still want a bright Christmas decor. Summery floral upholstery can be covered with white or neutral coverlets to neutralize conflicting patterns.

How to Choose Christmas Color Scheme

White on White

White on white Christmas decor can make for a very wintery look. Silver and metallics can add shimmer to the room contributing to the holiday appearance. On the contrary color on color can create a very rich and lively look. Think how interior colors match of contrast with the Christmas decorations and what look and mood you want to achieve.

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