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Bright Accents in White Interiors

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White interiors are truly universal. They are looking restrained and elegant in monochrome version. And they are instantly transformed by the addition of bright accents. Today we want to share with you several ideas of white interiors with interesting bright details.

9 Ideas of Bright Accents in White Interiors

Bright colors in the white kitchen

Bright colors in the white kitchen

This style – white base and colorful accents – is very popular in the Scandinavian countries thanks to the simplicity of decoration and the brightness, which is so lacking in the north.

Striped blanket

The only bright accent of this interior is a striped blanket for the bed, which helps in some way to distinguish between the white merging walls and floor. It is minimalist and colorful at the same time.

Books as decor

Books can be the perfect decor items, if you select beautiful cover and arrange them by color on the open shelf.

Curtains and colored cushions on a white sofa

Riot of colors animates a white sofa and white walls. And natural plants freshen the room and give it a spring mood.

Colored pencils as wall decorations

A great way to arrange your pencil collection and decorate this room: pencils arranged in rows on the principle of the rainbow will be a bright spot on the white wall. It is very creative.

Bright walls

Sometimes it is enough to take a bright paint roller and walk along the wall to decorate white interior. Another option is to use wallpaper with bright saturated colors that will be a key element of the interior.

Blue and orange accents in white interior

Blue color is soothing and promotes a healthy sleep. Orange accent adds richness, dynamism and a bit of humor. In addition, blue and orange is a perfect combination.

Rainbow kitchen

Very simple and bold way to add a highlight in a white kitchen is to buy doors for kitchen cabinets, made in all colors of the rainbow. Start with red and finish with dark blue.

Chess dresser in hallway

Hallway needs a dresser with many small drawers, which can accommodate a variety of important stuff from the keys to the shopping list. Use an adhesive tape in different colors to make a colorful chess-like pattern.

Patchwork blanket

Charming handmade patchwork blanket sewn of colorful patches, not only gives the room brightness, but also makes the bedroom comfortable.

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