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Window Seat Ideas

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A window seat is a great addition to the room. It can serve as a reading nook, a breakfast area seat, or simply a small lounge area. A window seat can be created several ways. The easiest one is to use an existing (wide enough) windowsil and cover it with several cushions or a blanket.

Window Seat Design

Window Seat With Two Pillows

Window Seat

If you want a wider seat or you want a specific seat shape, you can make one with help of some wood, tools, and some skill. Measure the space by the windows where you want your future seat. You can create the seat frame from scratch using wooden boards or you can choose the ready-made old cabinets if they fit in your seat space.

The shape as well as the size of the seat will depend on the architecture and the shape of the window. Bay windows will require a different seat shape than regular windows. You can also enhance your storage space by leaving some room under your seat for sorage boxes.

If you have a nook window you can easily just place a daybed there and enjoy the outdoors while being comfy. And you don’t have to do anything, well almost.

Oyster Farm Hangar by Raum Architects

Ultimate window seat at Oyster Farm Hangar by Raum Architects

A window seat is quite an easy project for DIY enthusiasts who know their way around a saw or a drill. Of course, if you are aren’t that good with building stuff it’s better and easier to use ready-made materials like cabinets to create your window seat or something else for that matter.

Complete your window seat with bold/floral upholstery that will be both inviting and stylish. Make sure it fits with your decor. Throw pillows aren’t mandatory but they complete the look and give that cozy feel to it.

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