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Graffiti in Interior Design

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It often happens that a certain result of creativity, born among talented people subsequently becomes an art direction. Here, for example, graffiti – wall paintings, which talented teens painted on the walls of houses and fences, once regarded as something close to hooliganism. According to many, these drawings spoil the appearance of houses. Now, graffiti is a stylistic direction in painting, which is already regarded as a serious art.

How to Use Graffiti in Interior Design

Graffiti in kitchen interior

Graffiti in kitchen interior

Now graffiti drawings can admire not only on the street. Many craftsmen similarly paint, for example, their entrances instead of boring, standard repairs. In addition, graffiti gradually migrates in our apartments. Increasingly, classic wallpaper is replaced by bright pictures that can make any room spectacular. According to experts, can make your own graffiti. Although you can not do without artistic skills and skills in the art of graffiti. Another advantage of this decoration method is that patterns can be applied to almost any surface. Today we talk about graffiti in interior design and how to make it in your  own in an apartment.

Graffiti on the walls, ceiling and furniture

Graffiti on the walls, ceiling and furniture

Dealing with graffiti starts with creating a drawing on paper. Initially you need to understand what exactly you want to draw, and what image will be placed on the wall. It is particularly important to make a sketch in the case if the pattern will move from the wall to the ceiling or furniture. Experts recommend not to do large images in small spaces because the room will look overloaded. In addition, a major image is difficult to discern in a small space.

Usually graffiti is placed only a on one wall in the room. The remaining space can be arranged in neutral colors using wallpaper or paint (plaster). The wall for graffiti is desirable to be coated by latex (acrylic) paint.

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