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How To Create Impressive Hallway Design

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Seeking ways to impress with home decor from the start? The hallway decor is just the right place to begin with. When we see an impressive hallway we want to see what the rest of the house looks like.

Hallway Decor Ideas

How To Create Impressive Hallway Design

Statement Mirror

A mirror is a must-have item for a hallway. It’s decorative and space-enhancing. A mirror with a decorated frame will add detail and style to it. It will also visually enhance the small hallway. Choose the best location for the mirror and arrange the other decorations around it but keep it in focus.

Statement Chandelier

Lighting makes everything look better. A beautiful chandelier will look good in a two story house hallway providing general lighting to it as well as function as a focal point.

Bright Chair

An eye catchy chair s always a good addition to the hallway decor. It acts as an accent in the hallway decor and can also be used when changing footwear. The chair can be replaced with a patterned hallway bench or a couch.

Decorated Console

Make a carved console in the hallway focal point. Add a complementing mirror as a finishing touch and keep the console surface clean and uncluttered. Floor vases make for good accessories without overpowering the hallway.

Hidden Storage

Want your hallway decor to really stand out? Install hidden storage and get rid of clutter. Think shoe cabinets and other storage units that will help hide away clutter. Space under the stairs can be used for built-in storage.


Fininshings are also very important for creating an impressive  hallway. Floor tile work will bring in the pattern and color to the hallway design while bright or patterned wallpaper will add eye catchy details and color to it.

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