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Eclectic House in San Francisco

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Interior designer Benjamin Dhong seeks to achieve a balance between comfort, elegance and a certain degree of drama in all his projects. He says, you can trust those houses and apartments, where such balance exists. Moreover, the degree of trust does not need to be directly dependent of the money invested. The decorator loves to mix cheap and expensive items.

Eclectic House in San Francisco by Benjamin Dhong

House in San Francisco decorated by Benjamin Dhong

House in San Francisco decorated by Benjamin Dhong

Benjamin does not like interiors, where every detail is “screaming” about wealth and splendor. He is convinced that beauty should be soft and unobtrusive. And a house design should be implemented in such a way, that it was possible to relax and forget about everyday problems.

Benjamin became a decorator after he has changed several professions. While working in the financial sector, he met the designer Martha Angus. Together they opened a design bureau seven years ago.

A recent Benjamin’s client is an investment banker from the UK, who likes beauty. He wears tailor-made suits, and rides a rare model of Aston Martin like James Bond. He saw Benjamin’s works in magazines on interior design and architecture.

Originally he intended to instruct the decorator redo only one bedroom at his home in Marina District, a prestigious district of San Francisco. The client wanted to get a “super-modern interior”.

Benjamin subtly changed the course of the customer’s mind. In fact, he did not move from the initial plan, but only made it in his own style. He has created not simply a modern interior, but such an interior, where classic vintage items easily got along with contemporary ones.

The customer was so pleased with his bedroom, that he let Dhong remodel the whole house. Benjamin began to seek out vintage items and safely put them near a Ero Saarinen’s table or a  desk made ​​of the plane’s wing; and decorated the walls with wallpaper with views of old India by de Gournay. The designer says that such décor reflects the nature of San Francisco as a port city, connecting Old and New World.

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