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3 Amazing Interiors with Decorative Stone

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The use of decorative stone has gained an increasing popularity. It is used as a finishing material for walls, both residential and office space. This popularity has increased, ecause this material fits perfectly into any interior style and gives the room a special kind.

In this article we have collected 6 projects, showing how you can use granite, slate, marble, onyx and other types of stone in the interior.

How to Apply Decorative Stone in Interior: 3 Amazing Examples

Stone blocks, house on the Costa Brava

Stone blocks, house on the Costa Brava

In this article we have collected twenty-three of the project, showing how you can use in the interior of granite, slate, marble, onyx and other types of stone.

Smooth stone, house in Normandy

Antiquarians-hosts filled their house with a lot of historical relics. And they came up with the idea of using garden sculptures as decoration for the living room, including stone lions of the XVII century. There are slabs of sandstone on the floor. They are suitable for such interior. This material looks old, even if actually the floor is modern.

Smooth stone, apartment in Barcelona

Today masters can cut marble very thin, allowing you to make cabinet doors of it. They are light and look impressive, especially if you set the backlight behind, as in this kitchen. The kitchen apron is decorated on the same principle. In this kitchen they used Arabescato, the kind of marble, which is characterized by a dense net of bright streaks.

Rustic stone, house in Spain

In XVIII century farmhouse they preserved vaulted stone ceilings. This is one of those parts of the interior, which will inevitably attract all the attention. It is therefore logical that the rest room is decorated fairly neutral – sustained in natural tones and furnished with quiet traditional furnishings.

Rustic stone, house in Majorca

The idea was to preserve the traditional character of the building, but add the comfort. For example, the floor of pebbles is equipped with heating. The main charm of pebbles is that it is very pleasant to walk on it barefoot.

Stone blocks, house on the Costa Brava

This modern house clings to the slope of a stone rock, and this rock “bumps” in the interior in the area of ​​one bedroom with a bathroom. There is a skylight that provides natural light in the ceiling. On the floor, there is also a stone, but already processed.

Stone blocks, a house in New York State

The house on the Mahopac Lake was designed by Wright in 1949, but built only nowadays by architect Heinz, who designed the missing parts of the project. So, he decided to use two granite boulders, available on the site, in the interior. One of them was slightly processed and turned into a kitchen countertop.

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