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Metallized Plastic in Modern Interior

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Metallized plastics add a special charm to furniture and interior design. You can emphasize certain details of the interior using this material. Metal texture perfectly suits techno style and is used in special lighting and futuristic compositions.

Metal Style Interior with Metallized Plastics

Metallized plastics in home interior

Metallized plastics in home interior

Metallized decorative plastics are basically aluminum sheets of different thickness, treated  and prepared for application onto the surface of furniture or other interior items. Decorative plastic surface simulates various metals (silver, bronze, gold, titanium), and can be shiny or rough, solid or covered in a pattern.

Metallized plastic surface draws your interest with its elegant luster and unusual appearance. Various metal structures and plastic shades allow you to implement a variety of creative ideas in the field of interior design and furniture and offer a wide range of design options.

Metallized plastics in home interior

Metallized plastics in home interior

Surface of a sheet has a protective layer. You can use this material in a variety of areas, from shelving, displays, and exhibition equipment to decorative finishing.

Glass plastic sheet materials totally reflect the properties of polymers and their technical characteristics. The surface reflectivity is achieved by the same method, which is used in the manufacture of conventional glass mirror (creating a reflective polished layer of aluminum, chromium and other metals). Therefore, plastic with a mirror or metalized surface is used in appropriate conditions for each polymer. For example, plexiglas can be used for creating three-dimensional letters and outdoor signboards. Sheets and polycarbonate panels with improved impact resistance (10-20 times stronger than plexiglas) are used in the manufacture of complex products for outdoor advertising.

Decorative metallic plastics are used in making not only some pieces of furniture, but also in the interior design. Decorative plastic can give a house a distinctive style, create spatial and visual compositions. Textural plastics may have a completely different coloring, complex relief pattern, polished or matt surface. This coating helps to create interior design in a variety of styles, including the effects of fused metal or rust. In classical interior there is always a place for noble brass, bronze and copper.

Metallized plastics in public interior

Metallized plastics in public interior

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