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4 Alternative Bedside Furnishing Ideas

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Bedrooms are pretty standard. There’s bed, nighstands, and a wardrobe. And while function-wise it’s probably the best combination of things you might need in terms of design and decor it can be a total snooze-fest and is it doesn’t help you sleep better then why have a boring interior at all?

Towel rack

Vintage Towel Rack

A vintage towel rack may not be the first thing that pops into your mind when you’re thinking “bedside furnishings” but it’s such a no-brainer for small spaces. You’re not wasting any floor space and you can also hang lights, clothes, and

Ladder nightstands


Ladder is a great nightstand. It can not only hold some necessities but also allow you to slip in and out of clothes without ruining the look of your armchair, pouf, or clog your wardrobe. It’s a hanger and a shelf in one and it can also store things that are tough to store like long necklaces and belts and ties.

Stacked books nightstand

Stack of Books

Who reads paperback nowadays or at all, you might ask delighted with a ready answer ‘except me’ but it’s actually considered better for your ‘sleep hygiene’ than a blue-lit monitor of your phone or tab (not sure about bookreaders though), which can disrupt it. So stack a nightstand of your favorite author or reading you need to catch up on and enjoy a good night read before bed along with a nice decorative look.

Side wall niche

Wall Niche Shelf

This last one isn’t exactly furnishing but you can appreciate its functionality in tight spaces. If your bed is surrounded with walls from both sides it can really save you a lot of night trips for a glass of water, your phone, or a book.

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