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Interior Feature: Painted Ceiling Crown Molding

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There are so many ways to decorate. While we’ve been writing on stained glass front doors, for instance, we’ve noticed a curious idea, a painted ceiling crown molding. There in a white hallway that only had a third of the wall covered in white and gold wallpaper the crown molding was painted beautiful emerald green, which worked nicely with the colorful stained glass.

Black crown molding bathroom

While painted ceiling trend has been raging for the past few years, painted molding has rarely popped. It may have been done in different materials and more neutral colors but this is a completely fresh take on that. A pop of bright color in the ceiling may be overwhelming for small homes but this approch is more modest and can work for places where the painted ceiling would look and feel too imposing.

Make no mistake, this type of painting will accentuate the low height of your ceiling but this still might not be as dramatic as painting the entire ceiling. We also see crown molding usually painted in white, eventhough the walls are a different color, which too emphasizes low ceilings. So why not try it the other way around and see what happens?

Painted Ceiling Crown Molding

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