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7 Fancy Lamps with Shadows

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Many designers are very actively using the play of light and shadows to create the most interesting and unexpected visual effects. This is what will be discussed in this article. Meet lamps capable of creating intricate patterns and pictures in your house with one flick of a switch.

7 Unusual Lamps with Fancy Shadows

Untiled Child from Kumi Yamashita

Untiled Child from Kumi Yamashita 

Etch Web by Tom Dixon

A striking example illustrating our current theme is a chandelier Etch Web designed by Tom Dixon. It is made of steel and designed specifically for Milan Design Week in 2013. Lampshade frame consists of many small parts to form a symmetrical a sphere, which actually allows it to make such an interesting shadow.

Nature Chandelier from the Hilden & Diaz

Next lamp is no less fascinating. Mysterious Nature Chandelier from the Hilden & Diaz will immerse you in a magical fairy forest. Inspired by drawings of the German biologist Ernst Haeckel, designers created a chandelier of intricate shapes, which projects a shadow for 360 degrees, simulating vegetative patterns.

Hyphae Lamp by Nervous System Studio

There are also table lamps, which make incredible shadows. Great example is Hyphae Lamp from Nervous System studio. The lamp may be of various shapes. A distinctive feature of the lamp is that it is created by using the latest technology  – it was printed on a 3D printer. And again floral motifs (veins on the leaves) served as inspiration.

Lumen by Adam Frank

This is a budget option. An oil lamp will cost just $48, and a LED lamp will cost $68. Besides, you probably will enjoy a wide selection of affecting patterns. And there are many topics. We can meet not only floral patterns, but also representatives of the fauna.

Memento from Hiroshi Yoneya and Yumi Masuko

Let’s move from flora and fauna to the figures. Mathematical pattern will look great in austere interior. The lamp created by Japanese designers Hiroshi Yoneya and Yumi Masuko in 2008 does not lose its relevance to the present day.

Untiled Child from Kumi Yamashita

Drawing by shadow is a separate direction in art. Artists create whole pictures using three-dimensional objects and lighting. Kumi Yamashita is a bright representative of this trend. And here is an example of his work – Untiled Child.

Fixtures by Martin Neuhaus

Modern technologies allow to make not just black and white shades, but also colored one ! Martin Neuhaus creates such lamps. The secret is in colored LED diodes.

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