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Multifunctional Hanger: Snow Drop by Dan Henriksson

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Multifunction is a priority for many people when it comes to decorating so here is a hanger by Dan Henriksson that both serves various functions and looks stylish. Inspired by trees of Asahikawa dressed in snow this hanger has multiple hooks, and little shelves for temporary storage and for such small things as iPod, for example. It of course serves a function of a clothes hanger but it looks both stylish and beautiful too.

Multifunctional Hanger: Snow Drop by Dan Henriksson

Snow Drop hanger can easily work in modern interior design adding some style and twist to the hall. Ordinary hangers don’t make quite as much impact as do their creative counterparts. Creative hangers are a way to jazz up your hall even if there is little room. They easily work as wall decorations and are functional too.

Some of the modern creative hangers can be humorous and engaging due to the bright colors and funny designs. But when choosing such creative hangers make sure they fit within your hall design. If it is too traditional and conservative or luxurious fun plastic hangers may seem to be out of place.

Snow Drop by Dan Henriksson is a beautiful creation, it’s got form and style but it is also fulfills its primary function. Henriksson is a Swedish designer, being an exchange student in at Tokai University in Hokkaido, Japan he has improved his understanding of design’s functionality and its importance for people’s needs.

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