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Beaded Masterpieces

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Beadwork is an art. Each new work in this technique is unique because it is almost impossible to repeat it. It is a result of a combination of inspiration, painstaking labor, skill, and taste. We offer a delightful view of some of the best masters of beadwork, received worldwide recognition.

Beaded Masterpieces by Five Designers

Heidi Kummli’s

Heidi creates jewelry since 1975. Her magnificent works are the epitome of her inner world of feelings and attitudes towards our Mother Earth and the creatures inhabiting it. For a long time she has been studying national Indian embroidery, which of course is reflected in her work, united under the name Free Spirit Collection. Her magnificent works received numerous awards at international exhibitions of beaddesign.

Heidi Kummli's beadwork

Heidi Kummli’s beadwork

Amy Clarke Moore

The theme of her work was born out of a passionate interest in mythology, fairy tales and creativity. The works of Amy Clarke Moore have something philosophical. Each work can be compared with the idea, and a spiral groove in the pictures is like a flow of time, where every next moment stems from the previous one.

Amy Clarke Moore's beadwork

Amy Clarke Moore’s beadwork

Dustin Wedekind, Bedesman

The master was born in California, but most of his adult life he lived in Colorado. And now he does not just create wonderful works, but is a well-known editor of a popular magazine about beading Beadwork Magazine. In each of his works the author shows courage. Today he is one of the most famous men who have dedicated themselves to work with beads.

Beadwork by Dustin Wedekind Bedesman

Beadwork by Dustin Wedekind Bedesman

Jan Huling

Jan Huling Schwab was born in Chicago, grew up in St. Louis. After receiving a bachelor’s degree in fine arts at the Art Institute in Kansas she began her career at Hallmark Cards. Then she moved to New York where became a freelance designer, author of children’s books and New York “BeaDist” – artist working with beads.

jan huling

Jan Huling’s beadwork

Guzel Bakeeva

Guzel works with Japanese beads. She says, that they are jewel themselves and oblige her to create exquisite jewelry. In her work she often uses natural stones cabochons, semi-precious or precious gems, minerals, rare beautiful gems. That is why her work cannot be repeated.

Guzel Bakeeva's beadwork

Guzel Bakeeva’s beadwork

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