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Eclipse-Inspired Lamp Designs

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Eclipse is a truly amazing natural phenomenon that has become inspiration for quite a few amazing designs. The latest lamp design by Oskar Peet and Sophie Mensen was inspired by eclipse. Syzygy Lamp is amazing as it has a touch-sensitive dimmer switch that rotates the three discs in the lamp that eclipse the light.

Eclipse-Inspired Lighting:

Eclipse-Inspired Lamp Designs

In astronomy, a syzygy is a straight line configuration of three celestial bodies in a gravitational system.

The Syzygy series consist of three lamps in table and wall versions to create each piece to represent each aspect of the syzygy – transit, occultation and eclipse.

Other Eclipse-Inspired Designs:

Eclipse-Inspired Lamp Designs

Eclipse-inspired  lamp by IGENdesign looks like a sphere with a ring of light shining through just like a solar eclipse.

Eclipse-Inspired Lamp Designs

Guau by Arturo Alvarez have an adjustable shade to create an eclipse effect.

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