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5 Cool Wine Accessories

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The holidays are just around the corner so we selected a few very cool wine accessories. They can be a great addition on a dinner table or make for a perfect holiday gift to a wine lover. Wine accessories are really interesting and diverse nowadays. There are special openers, aerators, termometers, and all kinds of other cool stuff that was designed to make wine usage and storage easier and more stylish.

Cool Wine Accessories

JetBag System Wine Bag

5 Cool Wine Accessories

The JetBag System’s special wine bag with integrated pouches will allow you to carry a wine bottle safely whether you are going to a party or on trip. The company also produces the bags made of neoprene pads that keep wine in the bag chilly for hours.

Nambé ‘Pebble’ Wine Coaster

5 Cool Wine Accessories

Nambé ‘Pebble’ Wine Coaster at Nordstrom is a beautiful bronze wine bottle accessory that will add a decorative touch to your wine and table. The $75 coaster protects the tables from the bottle rings.

Wine & Bar Pourer

5 Cool Wine Accessories

Wine & Bar Pourer by Norman Copenhagen is made of cork and stainless steel. The $29.00 set features a cork wine stopper with a steel pout and a cork top cap. Each package comes with 2 wine pourers.

Wine Glass Top Appetizer Plates

5 Cool Wine Accessories

Wine glass top appetizer plates from Catching Fireflies are ultimate appetizer plates that can be easily carried around while sitting on top of your wine glass. Made of Acacia wood the plates come in a set of four at $24.95.

Wice Wine Cooler

5 Cool Wine Accessories

Wice Wine Cooler is a stylish accessory to keep your wine chilled during 3.5 hours. The Wice cooler was designed to avoid dealing with ice that drips and melts. To use the device you just need to put the cartridge in a freezer for a few hours. It doesn’t require electricity either.

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