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How to Make Designer Rug

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Unusual, designer and simply beautiful rug is always a conspicuous element of the interior, which can decorate a room and make it look more cozy. If you can not afford unique designer rugs, then maybe it’s time to show imagination and try to make a designer rug with your hands.

7 Ideas of How to Make Designer Rug

Original handmade rug in the Free People fashion store

Original handmade rug in the Free People fashion store 

And this does not necessarily require comprehending the ancient art of carpet weaving. Everything is much simpler. We picked up 7 interesting ideas for your inspiration.

Patterning using a stencil

If you have a plain old mat, you can update it by decorating it with your drawing. Simply apply a pattern on the surface of the mat by paints, using a stencil. As a result, you get a stylish carpet of your own design.

Bright colored stripes of felt

For soft stylish felt carpet, you can use felt stripes and fold them into an unusual rug. Such a pad of colored felt stripes is easy to make. It can be made with children.

Patchwork rug

Great recycling idea is a patchwork carpet. Do not rush to throw away old clothes. You can make a colorful braided rug, using scissors and glue.

Braided rug

Another brilliant idea in its simplicity is a braided rug. You will need the hula-hoops and thread or patches.

Mat of pompons

If you have a lot of cold-weather caps with pompoms, which no one wears for a long time, use their pompons for a new rug. Funny mat of pompons will decorate any home and lift your spirits.

Sisal and jute mats

Sisal and jute rugs are very popular due to their strength and durability. Durable sisal yarn is used for sharpeners for cats’ claws. And you can try to make a stylish rug by yourself.

Original mat in the Free People fashion store

This beauty was made ​​specifically for the Free People fashion store. The rug received so much attention that the official blog of the store revealed the detailed instruction of how to make it. And now everyone can make it. You will need cardboard, marker, colored twine, scissors and Sisal thread. Read more here.

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