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Narrow Hallway Design Ideas

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A small hallway isn’t very convenient but a narrow one can be even more challenging in terms of furnishing and decorating. In decorating a narrow hallway your main goal is to maximize space without leaving the corridor looking empty and dull. Think wall decor, narrow console tables, and mirrors.

Narrow Hallway Ideas

Narrow Hallway Design

Narrow hallway

Narrow But Light

A narrow hallway can benefit from great lighting that will visually make it look bigger. The light wall paint or wallpaper are preferable as they will reflect light making the hallway look even bigger. Keep patterns small and light to avoid making the already small and narrow hallway seem cluttered.

Keep Decor Minimal

Keeping the decor and furnishings minimal will help you save the precious space and keep the hallway uncluttered and airy. You can also keep it to the walls to free up the floor space. If you need a storage unit for footwear and other accessories and outerwear opt for minimalistic designs and multifunctional furniture.

Decorate The Floor

Decorating the floors will help you make the hallway seem more, well, decorated. A patterned rug or tiles will add just the right amount of decor value to the corridor without overpowering it.

Add Mirror

Mirrors always make the space seem bigger but be sure you don’t place it at the end of the hallway against the shorter wall. Instead hang it on the longer wall or both walls to make for an ultimate wide and deep hallway.

Small Hallway Design Tips

  • If the hallway is small but lacks length place a mirror on the opposite side of the entry.
  • You can paint a console table on the wall and add a narrow shelf where the tabletop should be if you have too little space to house the whole table.
  • Keep small hallway organized as it will prevent clutter in a small area that should greet you and your guests looking its best.
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    Hi the artwork in the narrow hallway picture of the lady’s face and the man’s arm are fab. Are you able to source them, can you tell me where? thanks

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