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Aquarium in Interior Design

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Aquarium is a great tool to transform the interior, because the aqueous interior with its animals, fish, plants and entourage looks very effectively. From time immemorial we know that watching swimming fish allows a person to relax. Aquarium care is very simple. You can easily create the underwater inhabitants comfortable living conditions, following the simple rules.

3 Types of Aquarium in Interior Design

Floor aquarium

Floor aquarium 

Floor aquarium

The most common aquarium is a floor aquarium. Of course, aquariums are rarely mounted directly on the floor. Usually they are mounted on a low stand. The optimum height of the tank is at eye level of a standing or sitting person.

Aquariums are put on a special strong pedestal, or fit into ready-made furniture. Pedestals are better to buy in specialized stores, where they are strong enough, and functionally prepared for the equipment needed for the care of the aquarium.

Aquarium and its inhabitants need light, water aeration, clean water and soil, all of which should be on hand and at the same time hidden from the eyes.

Built-in aquarium

Built-in aquariums are desirable to contain less than one hundred liters. Firstly, regular furniture is not designed for heavy loads, and secondly, a large aquarium can change a style of furniture and interior design, and thirdly, it is really hard to care.

Remember that it is required to leave considerable space above the aquarium so that it was possible not only to place the lighting, but to carry out feeding the fish and cleaning the aquarium.

Picture frame aquarium

For this case you should provide secure attachment to the wall. Externally, the design looks like a bold painting with a wide frame, but there is an aquarium instead of the painting. And all the necessary life-support devices are hidden in a closed frame of the aquarium. Picture frame aquarium looks very unusual in the interior.

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