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Designer Inspiration: 3 New Creative Pieces in Design

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Everyday talented designers create new pieces for exhibitions or manufacture and it’s always interesting to know what inspired them to make their designs. Creative decoration or furniture is just a great way of jazzing up your interior design so today we want to look at three different creative pieces in design by three different designers and tell a little story behind each piece because in order to create something new and fresh one has to have an idea. A compelling concept can take you beyond your comfort zone and expand your vision as a designer.

Float Coffee Table by Liz Boscacci

Designer Inspiration: 3 New Creative Pieces in Design

This creative coffee table called Float by designer Liz Boscacci is made of mahogany spheres chaotically fixed at the base and a glass tabletop. The idea behind this piece was to create an eye-catching base for the coffee table – a common furniture item that can be found in almost any house. The Float coffee table base was inspired by water bubbles coming to the surface.

Mozaika Seat by Lui Kawasumi

Designer Inspiration: 3 New Creative Pieces in Design

The idea of a Mozaika Seat came from Lui Kawasumi experiments with laser-cutting. The pattern that results from the laser-cutting resembles a mosaic hence the name. Polishing the laser-cut steel sheet and shaping it like a seat the designer has achieved a very creative piece of furniture with interesting texture and pattern.

Cradle by Richard Clarkson

Designer Inspiration: 3 New Creative Pieces in Design

Safety is one of humans’ basic priorities. And the cradle provides it thanks to its special structure. Cradle by Richard Clarkson has a semicircular shape that lets the cradle swing. Cradle is underlined with the soft cushion, which will make you feel comfortable and relaxed. Developed in a collaboration with Brodie Campbell, Joya Boerrigter, Eamon Moore, Kahlivia Russell, Grace Emmanual, and Jeremy Broker.

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