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Decorative Plaster in Design

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Decorative plaster has gained a place of honor in the interior design. People have been using this decoration method for a long time, as this material has a huge fantasy opportunity for a very low price.

Moreover, decorative plaster has a number of advantages. Firstly, decorative plaster is not sensitive to water, therefore, it is washable. Secondly, it can serve for many years, as it is resistant to environmental influences and withstands sudden changes in temperature.

Gorgeous Wall and Ceiling Finish with Decorative Plaster

Decorative plaster for wall finish

Sculpture and decorative plasterwork

There are 3 basic types of decorative plaster for the walls:

  1. Textured plaster is one of the most popular and inexpensive options for wall decoration. It is composed of mineral grit, pebbles, mica, and other components. Textured plaster visually adds extra volume.
  2. Structural plaster is a material composed of natural stones, minerals and elements of quartz. Due to its excipients, a surface decorated with structural plaster is analogous to the bark of a tree. Another option related to this type of material is a decorative mosaic.
  3. Venetian plaster is a common method of decoration in antique or classical style. It is made of marble crumb, which is a perfect base for a luxurious decoration of a wall surface.

Decorative plaster for wall finish

Decorative plaster in interio design

When buying a decorative plaster pay attention to its texture, depending on what type of surface you would like to receive as a result of decoration – smooth or embossed. Also keep in mind that the choice of decorative plaster should match the style of the interior of your room.

Textured plaster

Wall finish with textured plaster 

Traditional Venetian plaster is a great solution for the design in a classical or antique style. For the interior in hi-tech style, the best option would be plaster with a faint relief texture. But for a country style the best choice would be decoration that is analogous to a coarse whitewash. As for the color palette, in this regard, decorative plaster has no boundaries.

Venetian plaster

Wall finishing with venetian plaster

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