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Choosing Paint Color For Ceiling

Painted ceiling can add to the decor making it look more unusual and interesting. Choosing a right paint color and shade for a ceiling is as important as it is for the walls in order to avoid making the room seem small and dark.

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A ceiling doesn’t have to be plain white per usual. Paint is the cheapest ceiling decor. Even if the room is small the ceiling can be painted in a different color other than white if colors and shades are chosen carefully. If decided to go with the painted ceiling make sure it suits the room’s color scheme.

Add Color To Decor With Painted Ceiling

When choosing color for a ceiling remember the rules that apply to choosing a color scheme for the room. The darker color shades make the room seem smaller and the lighter ones make it look bigger. To add a more decorative touch to the ceiling you can have patterns and illustrations painted.

Add Color To Decor With Painted Ceiling

A painted ceiling can add color to the decor even if it’s not that bright or intense. The ceiling color can be the same with the walls or contrast with the main color scheme.

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