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Interesting Old Church Restoration

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Ferran Vizoso has finished a restoration of an old church in Corbera d’Ebre, Spain. The abandoned building that still stands tall was missing a roof. To preserve the old building and give it back to the town the architect chose EFTE plastic to create the roof.

Interesting Church Restoration

Interesting Old Church Restoration

Old church restored by Ferran Vizoso. Photographed by José Hevia.

The main purpose of the work was to give the old church back to the people, transform it in a new and secure multifunctional public room.

The idea was also to preserve the feeling of being outside while being inside the building so the clear plastic atrium-like roof was an ideal solution. The grand interior of the church is beautifully illuminated thanks to the sunlight making this abandoned place light and inviting.

The untouched exterior and interior make for a real historical experience even when just looking at the place. The columns and arches as well as patches of exposed bricks show the origins and marks of time left on the building.

Featuring a tower the church is a beautiful piece of architecture and preserving as well as restoring it was a a challenging task, we imagine. Though EFTE plastic is not as thick as glass it’s quite durable and self-cleaning as well as lightweight. The film is spread over a metallic carcass built by the perimeter of the church’s roof.

The budget of the restoration has exceeded five hundred thousand Euros and went in three phases. The period the project took place in is indicated between 1999 and 2010.

This is an amazing idea for an old historic building that still looks beautiful. It’s also quite expansive so a full restoration would be much more expensive. What do you think about this church restoration?

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