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Glazed Architecture: Catskill Mountain House

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Transparent glazed walls are somehow becoming more popular in an architecture of private homes. Catskill Mountain House is one amazing transparent house. Designed by Audrey Matlock Architects the Catskill Mountain House is surrounded by natural sights and its glass walls offer panoramic views from the mountain creating a feeling of house being integrated with the nature in a more sense than usual. The transparent walls offer the sights come into the house with the natural light.

Glazed Architecture: Catskill Mountain House

The Catskill Mountain House architecture is open featuring just a few concrete and stone walls and frame to hold the structure together. The walls, windows and doors are made of glass which opens beautiful views from inside of the house.

The interior is decorated in modern style featuring stone flooring, sleek light furniture and equipment. An open layout and structured space allows dividing the house into the areas rather than rooms and let the light and views in.

The privacy in glazed architecture maybe a pressing issue but there are couple of factors that can provide some privacy even if the house is transparent. First is a location. A private location or an area surrounded with trees and greenery, privacy bushes and natural screens can shield and protect the glazed house from curious eyes. The other solution is to leave living areas open and glazed while conceal the other areas with solid walls.

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