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19th Century Tower Turned Guest House in Greece

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Overlooking Cape Tainaron this defensive tower in Greece has been turned into a cozy guest house with the preserved original design and simple decor. Tainaron Blue Retreat, as it is now called, has been renovated by architects Kostas Zouvelos and Kassiani Theodorakakou and now offers three bedrooms, each with its own bathroom but with a shared kitchen and breakfast area.

Defensive Tower Converted Into Guest House

Tainaron Blue Retreat tower

Mani Tower 

The tower was built on a hill overlooking the area on a ground and rocks. Using the original Roman mortar with just a little amount of cement for durability the tower remained looking authentic and as though growing out of rocks on which it was built. Both inside and outside walls of the tower show off the old masonry, which contrasts with the modern furnishings. Though the latter are pretty minimalistic and low key so there is no drastic difference between the design and the decor style.

The interiors are functional. There is no opulence or overdecoration. One of the beds is even built into the wall of the tower. The outdoors aren’t too flashy either, if you don’t count an infinity pool that merges with the sea and the horizon. The area around the tower is surrounded by trees and shrubs providing shade and privacy for walking.

Thanks to the fact that architects preserved the original architecture of both the tower and the outdoors this bed and breakfast guest house provides for a unique experience and atmosphere of history and functionality.

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