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Stockholm Subway: Art Is Everywhere You Go

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Stockholm subway isn’t exactly your average subway with plain interior and same stations. With around 100 subway stations in Stockholm about 90 of them have been decorated with paintings and engravings, installations and sculptures, mosaics and reliefs. Over 150 artists have been working on the craved out of rock underground and above ground stations.

Stockholm Subway: Art is Everywhere You Go

Some subway stations’ walls are painted in bold colors with contrasting doors and bright installations. Other walls feature natural rock with human sculptures integrated into them. Mosaic walls and floors are also a common feature of Stockholm’s subway. Paintings depict people, animals and nature. Some stations also have beautiful columns and natural relief rock ceiling.

Stockholm Subway: Art is Everywhere You Go

Opened in 1950 Stockholm subway has seen artists work at their time. Although graffiti is no longer tolerated in the subway. Since 1980s many has changed and now graffiti is being cleaned and is held in one category with other acts of vandalism that costs around SEK 100 million per year.

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