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New Campus of Hollywood School of Art

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The new campus of Emerson College, which is located in the heart of Sunset Boulevard in Los Angele, is a curious structure: external “frame” of the building holds 10 floors of student housing; and the central part contains a cluster, which consists of “deformed” educational and administrative offices, connected with the main structural element by bridges and corridors.

New Campus of Hollywood School of Art in Los Angeles

The new campus of Emerson College in Los Angeles

The new campus of Emerson College in Los Angeles

The new campus of the Hollywood arts school was designed by the Famous Morphosis architectural bureau. The high-tech campus will house more than 200 students.

Western and eastern facades are made of glass. Windows are made as curtains and equipped with shading system, which controls the position of the special “fins” depending on the angle of sunlight, temperature, and quantity of incoming light. Also, the outer parts of the building are equipped with video and audio equipment, which allows to record everything outside the walls of the building and outdoor performances.

“Crooked” audiences include editing rooms, computer labs, a cinema to watch student works, rooms for sound production, as well as a film set with a green screen.

The outside the building is framed by a solid metal frame that holds ten floors of student dormitories. And gently curved central parts of the building contain academic and administrative offices, which are connected by numerous terraces and bridges.

The building is designed to develop an interactive and social aspects of education, according to Thom Mayne, the founder of the Morphosis bureau. The main purpose of the architects was to create an interactive building designed rationally from environmental and social points of view.

Emerson College was founded in Boston, Massachusetts. It is located in the heart of Hollywood and is famous for its rich curriculum that is closely related to the scope of Art. The new building is used for master classes, lectures, demonstration activities, and other professional training programs.

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