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5 Beautiful Seasonal Retreats

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Modern holiday or seasonal retreats have everything and then some for the full-time living and they look amazing. Here we gathered five amazing family seasonal reatreats that can be used for holidays and family rest.

5 Seasonal Retreats

Citriodora House

5 Beautiful Seasonal Retreats

Citriodora House by Seeley Architects is a beautiful retreat in Australia. ‘Citriodora’ is the name of the tree that grows in the area. Inspired by the winds the house has a specific shape finished with wood. The house features a spacious balcony, master bedroom, guest bedroom, study, and a big living area with dining room and open kitchen.

Case Inlet Retreat

5 Beautiful Seasonal Retreats

Case Inlet Retreat by MW Works Architecture+Design is a beautiful indoor/outdoor structure set in the forest near the water. Glazed walls allow to enjoy the surrounding green views of the area.The house also has a wooden terrace and a staircase to the roof.

Hill-Maheux Cottage

5 Beautiful Seasonal Retreats

Hill-Maheux Cottage is a family retreat designed by Kariouk Associates. Located in the forest near the lake the red building features a loft that connects the two parts of the structure. One of the parts includes bedrooms, bathrooms, storage while another is made of living area, kitchen, and dining.

Retreat by Mancini

5 Beautiful Seasonal Retreats

This Indian retreat designed by Mancini is a beautiful house located in a green area and has an interesting architecture featuring wood and stone. The house has a beautiful path made of rounded stones leading to the entryway.

Island Retreat

5 Beautiful Seasonal Retreats

Island Retreat by Fearon Hay Architects with Penny Hay is an amazing indoor/outdoor retreat with a solid roof and transparent walls. The house features a fireplace in one of the columns that hold the roof.


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