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“Concrete Mushrooms” Project

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Scattered all over Albania are big mushroom like concrete structures. They were built as a war inhabitant more than 25 years ago, and now enthusiasts want to turn them into lovely tourist friendly zone.

Concrete Mushroom Project

Turning concrete mushrooms into peace zone

In late 60s of the XX century, the Albanian government prepared for war by building big concrete construction that would serve as living space later on. These concrete mushrooms are a fully equipped underground buildings are ready for living, but are not occupied. Because this war the Albanian government feared never actually came around.

So by now, they have about 750,000 of these massive concrete constructions scattered all over Albanian landscape. There are three various kinds of bunkers, that differ by size and locations. These bunkers have not been used and are not planned to be used, just yet. Two student enthusiasts from Politecnico di Milano University, Gyler Mydyti and Elian Stefa, have decided to turn these war symbols into a hallmark of peace.

The project “Concrete Mushrooms” have a priority in preserving the national symbols as these bunkers, and converting the xenophobia that fueled it into tourist zone, introducing hotels, gift shops, and amusement parks. Unfortunately as for now, the project is still a graduate student proposal, but let’s hope for the best for Albania.

Check out the concrete mushrooms:

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