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Cave Hotel Project Wadi Rum Resort in Jordan

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The new cave hotel project by architects from Oppenheim Architecture + Design is to be built in 2014. The 80,000-square-foot hotel will be cut out the rock in Wadi Rum, Jordan. As you can see in the pictures below the rooms are cut out right inside the big rock formation that is a common landscape for Valley of the Moon or Wadi Rum in a Jordan desert where there’s only sand and rock.

Cave Hotel Project Wadi Rum Resort in Jordan

Using natural materials like stone and wood the project promises durability and, of course, the unity of man and nature. The original form of the rock in the exterior will slightly change as the angular windows will provide the natural lighting and beautiful views of Wadi Rum. The interior as well as exterior is planned to be minimalist blurring the boundaries between natural and man-made.

The lodges and villas will divide into rock lodge, tent lodge, spa lodge and reserve villa. The spacious rooms and lodges are meant to open the views on the surroundings rather than creating a completely different domain within an exotic region. It is the place and time to ponder on the bigger questions and simply unite with the nature.

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