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5 Unusual Micro Houses

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It is easy to build a luxury house on a flat and huge area. But to fit a comfortable and beautiful house in a tiny urban built-up environment and make its interior spectacular and functional is a really interesting challenge for an architect. In our article there are five miniature houses with well-designed layout, located on the complex or just very small plots of land.

5 Unusual Micro Houses in Urban Environment

Boxhome house by Rintala Eggersston, Oslo

Boxhome house by Rintala Eggersston, Oslo

Boxhome by Rintala Eggersston, Oslo

Rintala Eggersston, the creators of this small Boxhome house in Oslo called it a solitary urban cave. the architects managed to fit four rooms on an area of 205 square feet. There are kitchen and dining room, living room, bathroom and bedroom.

Residential house by PANDA, Tokyo

The plot, on which the house is located, is surrounded by dense neighboring buildings. So architects from the PANDA studio had to find places for the rooms and outdoor spaces. There are three outdoor areas in the house: two small balconies on the first floor and a mezzanine-terrace located above the dining room.

Two-storey house by Naturehumaine, Montreal

Canadian Naturehumaine studio renovated a traditional terraced house in Montreal, having stoned its facade with bright green and yellow panels. In an effort to visually enlarge the interior and let in more light, the architects painted walls, floor and ceiling in white and part of the floor of the second floor is made ​​of glass.

Garden & House by Ryue Nishizawa, Tokyo

Japanese architect Ryue Nishizawa was able to squeeze not only a house, but also a garden into a small space between the skyscrapers in the business district of Tokyo. The five-storey building, which is home for two writers, contains kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom and office, as well as a terrace with mini-gardens.

The Keret House by Jakub Szczesny, Warsaw

Pole Jakub Szczesny claims that house The Keret House is the narrowest house in the world. It was built in the gap between high-rise buildings. And its widest part is 48 inches, and the narrowest – 28 inches. The house is fortified on stilts. A sloping staircase leads to the entrance. On the ground floor there is a kitchen, toilet and shower. On the second floor there is a bedroom.

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