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Five Star Hotel Made Of Shipping Containers

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Xiang Xiang Pray House is a five star hotel designed by Tonghe Shanzhi Landscape Design in China. Consisting of 35 shipping containers the hotel is located in in the village of Nan Dazhan Cun. The production of this hotel resulted in only 30% of normal waste. The was 60% of water and concrete saved during construction. Tje containers are painted with water paint.

Five Star Hotel Made Of Shipping Containers

Consisting of 21 rooms the hotel also includes a lobby, restaurant, patios and event space. The guests can choose a room made of a container with an area of 20 or 40 feet. The interiors are finished with blue gray painted walls, built-in and tracks lights, tiled floor and wooden furniture.

The double bedroom (pictured) features a skylight right above the bed. While the event space is furnished with small tables for holding tea ceremonies. There is also a restaurant with tables and a bar stand. To make the space more light the windows were cut in the lower part of the container wall.

Five Star Hotel Made Of Shipping Containers

Each container stands individually on the site that is covered with grass and other beautiful greenery and flowers. The pathways connect the containers, lobby and other parts of the hotel.

Xiang Xiang Pray House is not the only hotel made out of shipping containers. There is also a Bayside Mmarina Hotel designed by Yasutaka Yoshimura Aechitects. Though this one includes two level cottages.

Cargotecture proved to be of great help for temporary housing and various non-residential purposes. Starbucks made a drive-through out of containers, while there are also stores, offices, and snackboxes.

Luxury Hotel In Shipping Containers

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