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Monumental Sculpture with Secret from British Sculptor

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A well-known British sculptor Antony Gormley introduced this year his new major creation – the sculpture Room. The sculpture looks unusual from the outside, but all the fun is hidden inside. The Room sculpture is located on the main facade of the luxury London Beaumont hotel. The figure of a steel giant is composed of cubes. Attentive citizens and tourists can see a narrow rectangular window, located in the “belly” of sculpture. Riddle of the new creation of Gormley is that the statue hides a unique art room.

Room: Monumental Sculpture with Secret from British Sculptor

Room by Antony Gormley

Room by Antony Gormley

Gormley believes that luxury can only give people the absolute peace and tranquility, but the room itself can hardly be called luxurious. Gormley says about the room as a “cave”, “grave”, hoping that the wealthy guests get a feel for its mood and certainly begin to ask questions about the meaning of life and its place in the world.

The room is dark and small. Closeness is compensated by ceiling’s height, which will not let guests feel bad in such a confined space. While no one tells the exact cost, but, according to some reports, the room would cost two and a half thousand pounds per night.

However, Gormley has provided an option for those who are not willing to part with such a considerable amount. By agreement with the owners of the hotel, as part of London’s Architecture Weekend, as well as open days, everyone will be able to get inside the steel giant for free.

Antony Gormley was born in London in 1950. He studied at Cambridge, traveled, and studied Buddhism. Favorite theme of the artist is the human body. He is interested in existential questions of personal and public relations, architecture and the environment. One of the most famous works of Gormley is the installation Field made of lots of figurines.

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