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House with Rotating Rooms

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There is a unique house Sharifi-Ha in Tehran, designed by Nextoffice. The house changes its configuration with just the push of a button, creating a cooler and shade shelter in summer, and increasing the amount of sunlight in winter. Given that the width of the building is quite narrow, the designers have found an unusual solution to the problem.

Unusual House with Rotating Rooms in Tehran

Sharifi-Ha house in in Tehran by Nextoffice

Sharifi-Ha house in Tehran by Nextoffice

The house has three huge rooms that resemble wooden cubes. Depending on weather conditions and the desire of owners, they may be turned to the street at 90 degrees. The facade turns from two-dimensional to three-dimensional state.

Three mobile wooden blocks are mounted on special rotating platforms, which are also used on theater stages and road shows. Applying this technology in the construction of the house, the architects have modified it a bit, eliminating the possibility of vibration during rotation of the walls of rooms. These units contain a variety of accommodations: a guest room, a home office and a dining room, which can be aligned with the fixed front of the house or telescopically extended and rotated to the desired angle.

Sharifi-Ha house in in Tehran by Nextoffice

Sharifi-Ha house in Tehran by Nextoffice

In the extended position the blocks open terraces on each level, resulting in more natural light, which enters the rooms, located in the back of the house.

In cold, snowy winters the rooms, on the contrary, are closed, creating a minimum opening and complete absence of broad summer terraces.

Also, the house adapts to the functional needs of its users. For example, depending on whether there is a guest or not, the guest room can be used for various purposes. Or office and dining room can change their functions in accordance with the wishes of the house residents.

The house consists of six floors, two of which are underground. In the basement there is a gym and relaxation area. On the first and second floor there is a living room, kitchen, and a mini-cinema. On the other floors there are bedrooms, bathrooms and an extra room for guests. The house has a built-in elevator. Total floor area is 15000 square feet.

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