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Minimalist Living Room Design Ideas

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Less is more! Minimalism couldn’t be described better. A minimalist living room can be not only stylish but also convenient. Since living room is a high-traffic area minimalist design can become convenient as no details and clutter get in the way, there is no clutter in the first place.

Minimalist Living Room Design Ideas

Focal Points

Minimalist living room should have focal points of course. It can be a sofa, window or a chandelier. There can be several focal points that would tie the rest of the decor and also won’t leave the room looking empty. Every detail in a minimalist decor should

Minimum Furniture

Minimum of furniture will help keep the living room clean and open. One spacious sofa and a lounge chair may suffice for a living room set if it is enough for inhabitants. Choose a coffee table or an ottoman with hidden storage to keep magazines, remote controls and other small things.

Disguised Storage

Use disguised storage to keep things out of the view and prevent clutter because minimalism doesn’t require many details. The TV stand can provide space for storage, slim wall-colored cabinets will not stand out against the background and therefore draw attention.

Living Rooms in Minimalist Style:

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