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Designing Eating Area: Dining Room Remodeling Tips

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Eating area can be separate or combined with a kitchen but it’s important to make it accessible, light and cozy. Dining room and kitchen are joint in many homes so we’ll focus on remodeling tips that help demarcate and divide the cooking and eating areas and achieve separate rooms effect.

Designing Eating Area: Dining Room Remodeling Tips

Demarcate Flooring

Making different flooring in kitchen and eating area will visually separate them making them both a bit more independent. The kitchen floors should be made from easy-to-clean materials and eating area should have more cozy and homey floors made of wood, for instance.

Different Decorating Styles

Different decorating styles in kitchen and eating area will make them two separate rooms with different moods and atmosphere. Cooking area is usually more hi-tech and ‘cold’ while eating area is warm, light and cozy. If you have a window in the kitchen then you can arrange your eating place beside it to get the warm natural lighting.


As said above, natural lighting will make your dining room/area more warm, homey and cozy. While cooking area might require built in or track lighting for enhanced illumination. If you want to make the dining room more intimate put candles on the table or use a small lamp to create shadows around this small source of light.


Dividers such as bar stands and tables that divide the kitchen into two areas can also separate the joint kitchen and a dining room. The eating area in the living room is not uncommon. In this case the sofa can serve as a room divider. Place the table and chairs behind the sofa’s back and the living and eating areas won’t intertwine.

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