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Exterior Design Idea: Outdoor Wallpaper

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The exterior appearance is important. If you want to increase the house attractiveness and curb appeal the exterior should be attended to. Design company Wall & Deco created a collection of outdoor wallpaper in various patterns and textures as well as featuring writings and pictures.

Exterior Design Idea: Outdoor Wallpaper

The collection of wallpaper or OUT – Outdoor Unconventional Texture – includes a wide variety of patterns and colors. The outdoor wallpaper is a completely fresh take on exterior finishing. The textures are bright and interesting and can certainly be seen from afar.

Exterior Design Idea: Outdoor Wallpaper

The outdoor wall coverings are a great design solution for dull walls. They can be used to create a feature wall at the pool or a shower wall for the outdoor shower. Besides the interesting pattern and pictures make almost any building look more interesting and attractive.

Wall & Deco also have collections of beautiful imitation wallpaper that brings textures and details to the indoor design. There are wood and metal textures, architectural details and murals in the collection.

Wall & Deco Outdoor Wallpaper Collection 2012

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