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Garden Design Ideas: Arbor

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A garden arbor is not only a great decoration but also a landscape mark that makes certain plants stand out from the general view. An arbor is used in quite a few different ways but it always acts as a trellis for climbing plants thus making for a bright stand out accent in the garden.

Garden Arbor Designs & Uses

Garden Design Ideas: Arbor

Defining Arbor

Arbor is often confused with pergola, however these two are quite different structures. A pergola is big with wide columns and a flat roof while an arbor is narrow and often features an arched or vaulted roof. Both structure can feature latticework like in trellises to allow climbing plants hold onto the walls.

While pergola is mostly used for sitting and dining areas an arbor is used as a garden/yard entry frame or a garden decoration. Arbors though can also be used for smaller sitting or eating areas.

Use In Garden

Beside serving as a decoration in the garden an arbor can be a great natural sun awning for an outdoor sitting area. An arbor can be enhanced with a bench where you can enjoy the outdoors protected from the sun.


You can also use an arbor as a frame for stone statues and other such garden accessories and decorations. A metal-framed arbor in beautiful and romantic design will do a great job making the statue stand out from the landscape.

Arbor Uses


Another great use of an arbor is a garden wedding. Sure you may end up using it as wedding arbor once but it might just save you some money on a fancy venue. An arbor can be draped with flowing fabrics, beautiful flowers and other decorations to become a wedding venue right there in your garden.


Using an arbor in pathways makes for a visual entry that may lead to a garden hideout or an alfresco dining area. It can also be used on bridges, stairs and various other elements.

Arbor Designs

When choosing an arbor for your garden, pay attentinon to the style, material it is made of and of course, the design. Make sure it is good quality and sturdy as it will be standing outdoors in different weathers. If you are making a DIY arbor try to ensure it will withstand the unpredictability of the outdoors.

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