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Houseboat on Seine

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Marie and Michael are happy owners of a barge on the Seine. They are sure that lucky star led them to the Seine. There is not a wide selection of barges on the market, so they have bought Freycinet built in 1930. It has a suitable size and met all the requirements of the Paris municipality. The complete redesign of the barge took five months.

Houseboat on Seine: Barge Remodelling

House in Freycinet barge on Seine, Paris

House in Freycinet barge on Seine, Paris

The replanning resulted in a large common space, kitchen and two bedrooms. Marie and Michael moved away from the traditional mahogany, used in yachts. Therefore, they have chosen milky-white color for the living room with bright spots in some places: yellow variations on the theme of Charles Eames’s Eiffel chairs, a chaise longue designed by Le Corbusier and mat that simulates spring grass.

Two bedrooms are located on opposite ends of the barge. They are absolutely identical in decoration: a concrete floor heating; gray walls; bathroom, separated by a partition; and a large bed. Their friends are convinced that one of them is a guest room. But hosts sleep in both bedrooms: they sleep on the fore in winter and at the stern in the summer, “migrating” with the sun.

An unusual idea for the kitchen was found in a Belgian interior magazine. The combination of concrete pillars and old wooden boxes looked so fresh that Marie wanted to try it. The hostess brought kitchen scales of early XX century, old coffee grinder and many other small things from her family home in Brittany, as well as a vintage cast iron bed, which now adorns the living room.

According to Marie, it is a great pleasure to meet sunsets on the upper deck, sipping mulled wine and drifting along the Seine. Marie and Michael invite all the doubting friends to meet sunsets with them on their barge. As a result three of them have already bought houseboats. Marie says, that it is a good PR action.

Marie never studied design professionally. She made ​​a career in the pharmaceutical field. But now, after the barge decoration she is considering whether to try herself as a decorator.

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