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Nestrest: Floating Outdoor Seating

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Floating outdoor seating Nestrest created by Daniel Pouzet and Fred Frety for Dedon can definitely make outdoors look unusual. The Nestrest is a drop-shaped seating that can be tied to the tree branch to float over the green lawn or a pond. The shape allows to sit straight under the narrowing “roof” while the seating is also equipped with the cushions for comfort and decoration.

Nestrest Outdoor Furniture

Description from the designers:

An over-sized bird’s nest offering you a secluded, suspended sanctuary and unusual meeting place: it’s the perfect place for relaxation, meditation and open-air conversations – NESTREST.

NESTREST is made of an especially strong DEDON fiber (4 cm wide, instead of 2 cm), guaranteeing a sturdy and solid weave with excellent properties: it shelters those within, allowing them to look out while preventing outsiders from seeing in – a perfect feeling of security!

Nestrest comes in two colors white and natural colors while the cushions can be customized to come in various colors or patterns.

Nestrest is an unusual seating for outdoors that catches the eye and adds an floating element to the outdoors‘ style. Besides it must be a great place for daydreaming, reading, thinking, conversing and simply floating while contemplating the surroundings. Of course, the latter should be quite rich in trees and greenery in order to be able to hang the Nestrest and contemplate. But it also looks like it could be used as a regular seating on a green lawn or in the garden as well.

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  1. Marym Says:

    What’s the price of this peace?

  2. Denise Laycock Says:

    could you please indicate the cost of the Nestrest floating outdoor swing together with delivery to WA, Australia


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